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Jet Skis, Surfboards and Banana Boat


With the sun warming up, and summer just around the corner, Aussies from coast to coast will be getting themselves into the hot, hot sun.

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancers and melanomas in the world. This statistic translates to the highest mortality rate from said cancers.

Men and woman from all ages are affected by sun damage. It’s no doubt that with an aging population and prolonged sun exposure, the chances of you or someone you know being affected by sun spots is on the line. Therefore, we must all protect ourselves from the sun.

Slip, slop, slap has been imbedded into most of our minds from great adverts, yet how many ‘slip, slop or slap’? SPF 50+ Sun Screen is one of the key players in our skins defence against the suns harsh UV rays.

Banana Boat has a range of sun protection and relief to suit the whole family. Banana Boat has a sunscreen to last longer when in the water, a product designed for sensitive skin and even an after-sun Aloe Vera spray for those of us who enjoy the sun longer than others.

Reapplying sunscreen is a key factor that is usually forgotten. Sunscreen begins to wear off with water, sweat and other factors which means we must ensure that we are continually protected against the sun.

It is important that our skin is checked by our physicians, especially those existing spots that may be growing or changing. See your doctor or pharmacists for a quick skin check, if you are unsure.

Pharmacy 4 Less

At Pharmacy 4 Less you will always get More Care 4 Less Cost.

Visit us in store today for your Prescription, Vitamin and Cosmetic needs.

With a large range from all the leading brands, you will always find what you need with the help of our friendly staff.

Click here to visit us instore or online today.

Banana Boat

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PO BOX 200, Narellan NSW 2567

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