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Blasting into 2017


After the holiday season most people get onto that New Years Resolution List that was prepared a couple of weeks earlier.

One thing all these lists usually have in common is ‘Losing weight and getting fit’.

The key to losing unwanted weight is setting in place an effective diet and exercise routine.

Trying to fit in a brisk half an hour walk each day is usually a great way to start. Physical activity is a must to ensure the fat is being burned off.

A healthy, balanced diet is essential. Big breakfast, moderate lunch and a small dinner all consisting of a balance of the 5 food groups is the way to go. Some sugar is ok, some carbs will not hurt and a healthy dose of fruit and veg will get that body back into shape in no time.

In some cases, a small push is required. Fat Blaster MAX is available in store. It helps burn more fat by increasing metabolism of carbs and fats. It is also a good boost of energy and performance, allowing the body to exercise that little bit harder.

Buy Fat Blaster MAX before 18th January 2017 and get a free Fat Blaster weight loss shake (while stocks last). Weight loss shakes are a good meal replacement, consisting of a good balance of nutrients and vitamins for those on the go and not wanting to miss one of those important main meals.

Always remember to consult your pharmacist or physician.

Pharmacy 4 Less

At Pharmacy 4 Less you will always get More Care 4 Less Cost.

Visit us in store today for your Prescription, Vitamin and Cosmetic needs.

With a large range from all the leading brands, you will always find what you need with the help of our friendly staff.

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