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Mynk Hair share the latest in hair fashion


Women have hundreds of ways to stand out from the crowd with original, colouristic hair solutions. Although when deciding a colour change you need to consider your skin tone and the general degree of contrast between your hair, skin and eyes, you have a wide range of hair hues to choose from that are flattering for everyone. You can experiment with colouristic techniques, introducing highlights, lowlights, ombre or even hair tonal sprays to add more exclusiveness to your look.

Change is always a great confidence booster. But we all must consider if your hair is in the right condition to achieve the right result for you.

Schwarzkopf Professional have brought out TWO amazing products to help rebuild hair and repair up to three years of damage with new Reversilane Technology.

Mynk Hair

These two products from Schwarzkopf Professional helps the hairdressers from Mynk Hair create new looks for their clients.

Current Hair Colour Trends

  1. Platinum and icy blondes. Contemporary, trendy blondes are cool and pale to cool down high summer temperatures. Note that revealing darker roots are in this season, as well as professional brunette to platinum ombre and balayage. Dark natural blondes aren’t out of the fashion catwalks either.
  2. Rich caramel and honey tones. How can you live without them? They are still on trend, especially in numerous ombre looks.
  3. Deep solid brown, natural brunette. Rich, multi-dimensional brown, free of any highlights, ombre or any other “special effects” is currently in favor. So, if you are a brunette feel free to go natural this season.
  4. Rose gold. Redheads may indulge in fantastic hues of already familiar coppers and auburns as well as the new rose gold, which is enticing this season. If you have a fairly peach colour skin tone you will look adorable in these tones.
  5. Ombre. Yes, ombre is still on-trend. This season, to keep up with the current trends it’s recommended to go either for sombre (very soft and subtle colour transitions) or ombre that starts higher on your locks, closer to the roots.

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