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Special Trading Hours

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Contractor Induction

Contractor Inductions are performed to ensure that all contractors, demonstrators and suppliers, undertaking physical work are fully informed of our safety requirements and are able to work safely when on site.

New Contractors

The following procedures must be followed for all new contractors who intend to visit the Centre:

  • Contact Centre Management and inform us of your intentions. Who will you be working for and when you are intending to be onsite (date & time)? 
  • Provide proof of current Workers Compensation and Public Liability Insurance. This information will be kept on file at Centre Management.
  • All contractor’s employees working on site will be required to complete and submit an Induction Form to Centre Management prior to commencing any work.
  • Please provide your Work Methods Statement for each individual job to be carried out on site.
  • If a Hot Works Permit is required please organise this with Centre Management prior to commencing work.
  • When visiting the Centre and prior to commencing work, all contractors must sign in to the Contactor Register located at the Centre Management Office. All contactor’s employees will be given a visitors stickers which must be worn and be visible.
  • If work is being carried out after hours all contractors are to contact Security on arrival and departure of the Centre. Securities contact 0418 608 701.
  • If contractors unable to visit the Centre during Office Hours to complete the induction procedure, please contact Centre Management and we will try to best assist you.  

*No contractor will be permitted to be on site to perform any works if these procedures are not carried out.

Existing Contractors

All existing contractors please ensure the following requirements are followed.

  • Please ensure your proof of Workers Compensation and Public Liability Insurance is current.
  • Any new employees in your business who will be working on site must complete and submit the Induction Form prior to commencing any work.
  • All other procedures are as per the New Contractors procedures.
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